Guidance Ph.D

Topic Scholar Name Status of PHD Registration Year
Effect of Recycling on Fiber Characteristics of Agri- Residue Paper from Chemical Pulp Pramod Kumar A 2002
Development and Characterization of Rice Husk Polypropylene (RHPP) Composites Vinay Kumar A 2007
Synthesis of Polymer Supported Metal Catalysts and Oxidation of Organic Compounds Ms. Sweta A 2008
Gas Phase Polymer Surface Modification Gagnesh Sharma A 2009
Adsorption Studies Of Lead And Chromium On New/Modified Adsorbents Sunil Kumar A 2009
Preparation and Characterization of blended bagasse/wheat straw fiber polymer composites Varun Mittal A 2013
Structural studies on MurA and type II chorismate mutase Aditya Dev A 2008
Vapor Phase Conversion of Glycerol to 1,2-propanediol over non-Noble Metal Catalyst. Nitin Naresh Pandhare A 2011
Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Composites of Recycled polymer and Natural Fibers Lakshya Agarwal A 2014
Preparation and Characterization of Coir and Banana Fiber Reinforced LDPE Composites. Nirupama A 2013
Study and Preparation of Reinforced Polymer Composite of Hair Fiber. Prashant Srivastava A 2013
Reforming of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Mixture for Hydrogen Production: Thermodynamic and Exergy Analy Brijesh Kumar A 2015
nano Composites Sri Nivas Naik O 2015
Development of Fire Retardent Polymer Composites Ms. Jyoti Jain O 2016
Surface Modification of Natural Fiber Based Blended Polymer Composites G. L. Devnani O 2016
Methanol Reforming Kanti Lal Chauhan O 2016
Tannery Waste Water Treatment through Electorcoagulation Devendra Rai O 2017
Membrane Separation Kajal Mishra O 2018
Polymeric Systems Brijesh Kumar Yadav O 2018